Terms Of Use

(Last updated on May 25th, 2018)
The following Terms and Conditions concern the sale of products from the www.petproject.gr online store.

No sale agreement between you and Pet Project has been reached and/or bound until you have received our order confirmation email, which is sent after you have completed a purchase order from the Pet Project online store.
For information on payment ways, please visit our Refunds and Return page.
For information on shipping methods and charges, please visit our Shipping page.
For information on payment ways, please visit our Payment Ways page.
If your order is sent to a country that is part of the European Union (EU), prices already include the Value Added Tax (VAT) of 24% imposed by the Hellenic Republic (Greece).
All orders to countries outside the EU may be subject to taxes, custom/import duties and/or fees and other charges, which are applied once the items reach your country. Pet Project will ship your international package without collecting any VAT, duties, import fees and/or other taxes or charges on orders to countries outside the EU. We also cannot possibly know, guess or predict beforehand what these particular charges might be. If such charges are required in order for your item to clear customs, Pet Project will not be responsible for such payments and you will be solely responsible for paying such fees/duties/charges/etc. in order for your package to pass through customs. For further information, please contact your country’s customs office.
Please note that in order to be protected from credit card fraud, P.O. Box deliveries are not possible.
If an order is shipped with a carrier or courier service company that uses a tracking number system, we will email you that tracking number when the package has been sent and you may track your package through the carrier’s website.
If an item is not collected, rejected or otherwise refused delivery, Pet Project will not be held responsible and no shipping charges will be refunded.
Sometimes a particular order might take longer in case the color or the design is not readily available and needs to be hand-crafted from scratch. All items are hand-made therefore we cannot guarantee that we will always stock a particular item, in one particular color, using another particular color LED and compatible with a US or an EU plug. In this case, you will be notified by email for the status and of your order and the time of delivery. 
Pet Project will always try to proof read all content. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or the spellchecking of a particular text or whether the information of a particular page is updated (e.g. VAT and other tax issues which are subject to change). Pet Project may update the content of its website without prior notice.
Keep in mind that item colors are rarely depicted 100% on a computer screen. We tried to photograph as accurate as possible using high-end and latest technology cameras during proper lighting conditions. However, the actual colors you see can also depend on your monitor’s color and temperature settings, which are not in our control.
We have also tried to choose the best shipping policy for you keeping in mind the safe delivery of the item(s), the delivery times and the price. Having to cover multiple shipping zones as well as multiple package weights (for shipments including multiple items), we may have miscalculated or miss-entered the shipping fees. If an error has been made during the order process and the wrong amount has been charged for a) the price of an item, b) the shipping charges c) the COD charges, or D) the VAT value, then we will arrange a partial refund or we will provide you with the option to place the order again, using corrected prices or, even, cancel the order.
Since multiple entities are involved in having a flawless online store, such as Pet Project, the website designer, the website developer, the software used, the hosting provider, PayPal and/or the credit card clearing Bank, the SSL issuer, etc., we cannot guarantee a problem-free uninterrupted experience.
All material appearing on the PetProject.gr website, including logos, text photos, data and the actual item product designs, are Pet Project’s intellectual property and/or copyright. Some re-published photos appearing in the “Case Studies” section, are the property of their respected owners.
A Force Majeur is in the event of war, civil war, revolution, riot, governmental measures, strike, lockout, blockage, failure of electricity, telephone or internet service, natural disasters or similar events.
Pet Project will do everything possible under the circumstances to accommodate the customer’s needs in the earliest possible time. In such events, any outstanding order agreement may be terminated (partially or fully) by you or the Pet Project owner.
These above terms have been written in accordance with Greek law. Any dispute is agreed to be exclusively handled by the Greek Courts in Thessaloniki, Greece. Please comply with the above terms or other legal obligations you might have based on the law from your country or jurisdiction. Finally, Pet Project reserves the right to seek all remedies available by law to protect its interests.